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Youth Protection

Here are the contents of an email Council is sending out about the new Youth Protection that we all have to take right away:

It has come to our attention that many of our scout leaders have not had a chance to participate in the newly revised youth protection training, often referred to as YPT2.  We wanted to pass along some information surrounding the process, in the hopes that it will motivate all of our scout leaders to take the training as soon as possible.  As you are aware, the deadline is September 30th, 2018, which is this Sunday night.  Starting Monday morning, any youth protection taken with the old training will expire.

Lack of youth protection training could impact your unit’s ability to renew your charter in the coming months.  This  in turn might also trigger the requirement to have your adults fill out new Adult applications to return them to the charter if the charter has to be processed prior to them re-taking the training.

As a district, we will be offering a face to face version of the training, both in October and November. These classes are limited, but designed to assist you in your scheduling options.  Dates will be published shortly.  In addition, the training can be taken online at the following link.

Youth Protection

If you have taken the Youth Protection Training since February 2018, please disregard this email.

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