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2017 Orienteering Campout

Our April campout will be orienteering themed and will be held at Shawnee Mission Park. This is a primitive camping site with a fire pit, parking, and bathrooms that are about a 5 minute walk.

We will be going through an orienteering course and exploring some of the nearby geocaches.

Where:  Campground 1 at Shawnee Mission Park
Date:  Saturday, April 8th, April 7th to Sunday, April 9th
Time:  Please arrive at the campgrounds at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday
Campsite:  38.987933, -94.811183 (use the gate at the north end of the dam)
Bathrooms:  38.985824, -94.805677 (across from Shelter #6)

Please see the flyer for more information and detailed driving directions.

What to bring:

  • Firewood
  • Water bottles
  • Orienteering compass
  • Phone or portal gps
  • Pen to write in the geocache log books
  • Standard camping gear

Please load a GPS application on your phone like c:geo on Android. You are looking for something that you can enter GPS coordinates into and have it lead you to the location. Or, something that integrates with your free account on so you can look up the cache information directly.


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