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Prepared for Life

Summer Camp: Register and Pay NOW

You need to register and pay for summer camp NOW.  We have to have the registration and payment turned into Bartle by April 1st and we want to make sure you get to go.

Please do the following two things now:

  1. Sign up for Bartle using signup go/30e0f48aaa823a7fc1-bartle  or email your reservations to
  2. Pay your summer camp fees

You can find out all of details and amounts on the Summer Camp page.


Spring Cleanup Service Project

We will be helping cleanup at the church as one of our service projects. Please register here:

When:  Saturday, March 25th from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Where:  Colonial Presbyterian Church, Quivera campus

2017 Patrol Campouts in March

Now is the time to start planning your March Patrol campouts.  Each patrol should plan and schedule their own campout.  You may have your campout anytime during the month of March.

This is your time to get creative and do some of the things that are of special interest to your patrol members and that may be easier to accomplish with a smaller group.  Have fun, do something unusual, and take pictures.

We want pictures and videos of your adventures.

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